Key Features
Industry-leading APIs
We offer custom and pre-set APIs tailored for trading, research and risk management
Web Platform & Tooling
Maximize your analysis with our user-friendly crypto intelligence platform. Leverage SQL or no-code tooling for your ideal workflow.
Personalized Support
Dedicated account managers, 24/5 support channels with access to CryptoQuant's team of data analysts and researchers.
Managed Services
Our managed services include analytics on-demand, white label research, strategy development and other tailored solutions.
Bespoke Solutions
Our customizable analytics and indexes, multiple delivery mechanisms and integration services enable fully bespoke solutions.
Integration Services
Our integration services power insights across major industries including blockchain, media and traditional finance.
Trading & Investing
In 2018, CryptoQuant set about developing the first institutional-grade platform to bring blockchain data & analytics to the crypto investment community. Today, our platform spans 10+ blockchain ecosystems and thousands of native assets including a variety of tokens, DeFi and lending protocols, NFT projects and other smart-contract platforms.
CryptoQuant empowers traders and investors to make more informed decisions by enabling both fundamental and quantitative research. Our high resolution, low latency on-chain and market data are critical in developing, executing and managing trading, marketing-making and other investment strategies.
Additional Products & Services
Backtesting, Asset Valuation, Alpha Mining, Cohort Analysis & Analytics On-demand
Data APIs for 10+ Blockchain Networks
Blockchain Query Tool (no-code) & Formula Builder
Web3 Ecosystem & Token Valuation Dashboards
Risk Management
risk mangement
As we inch closer towards institutional crypto adoption, risk management has become synonymous with successful digital asset programs. CryptoQuant's core team of analysts leverage their knowledge and experience within traditional asset classes including equities, fixed income and commodities to create truly multi-factor risk frameworks.
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Additional Products & Services
On-chain Metrics & Risk Indicators for Trading
Alerts & Dashboards for Risk Monitoring
Entity Flows & Exchange Reserves for Counter-party Risk Management
3rd Party Proof of Reserves Solutions
Research & Reporting
Additional Products & Services
Data Infrastructure & Integration Services
Track and manage business metrics including growth and other key performance indicators.
Better execute go-to-market strategies through user-retention analysis and data-driven campaigns.
Integrate digital asset metrics into your platform and power your application with comprehensive blockchain data.
Additional Products & Services
Blockchain data for financial services, game developers & other web3 transitions
Integration services for blockchain foundations, DeFi projects and applications, and other 3rd party distributions
Additional Solutions for Blockchain Data Consulting, Ecosystem Narratives, Smart-contract Decoding & other Data Infrastructure Services
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